Basic Information

CHEMIE.DE – Europe’s largest platform for chemical, life science and pharma industry information
(11/30/99) From research to business and from family-owned enterprises to big industry, CHEMIE.DE brings together the world of chemistry, life science and analytics – and has become synonymous with finding industry and product information fast and efficiently.
All it takes is a few clicks: CHEMIE.DE’s online services make time-consuming search engine explorations a thing of the past
(11/30/99) For many industry professionals, time-consuming internet searches using standard search engines are not only nerve-racking but simply a waste of time. For targeted investigations into all that’s new in chemistry, biotechnology and pharma, CHEMIE.DE’s spectrum of industry-specific online portals offers a wide range of time-saving alternatives.
Online marketing geared to the needs of the industry
(11/30/99) With a focus on responding to the individual needs of its customers, CHEMIE.DE offers innovative solutions for online marketing on its information portals, ranging from company and product presentations to job ads to a variety of mailing options and other advertising formats.