White Paper

Stand out as an expert among experts.

One of the most effective ways of presenting your company to your target audience as a competent solutions provideris the White Paper.

You'll know this from your own experience: you start tackling a problem and can spend hours on the Internet, searching for the right answers. If these answers are given to you in a neat package from a single source, the author wins your attention and enthusiasm.

White Papers enjoy readers' undivided attention, and are frequently saved or printed out and passed on to colleagues.

So make the most of this opportunity and position yourself as an expert in your field. By doing so, you can be the first to answer your potential customers' questions.



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White Papers at a glance

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from 870.- €
per 12 months


  • 12-month duration
  • Price includes up to five images and illustrations
  • White Paper for download as a PDF file
  • Online sales lead generation
  • Up to three references in the newsletter
  • Perfomance Report during presentation period
  • Standard White Paper

    If you aim to get the greatest possible reach for your publication, the Standard White Paper is best suited. This is because the full text of your paper is accessible to any interested reader without prior registration. A further benefit of this advertising format: CHEMIE.DE takes care of the publication's online presentation, creating the HTML file for you.

    870.- €
    per White Paper

  • Premium White Paper

    If your technical articles contain highly valuable or even unique data that you do not wish to get into anonymous hands, then our Premium Technical Article is the right choice for you. The full text of such articles is only accessible to users who register beforehand, and you will receive their contact data as qualified sales leads for your further use. These Premium Technical Articles are published as PDF documents, allowing you to use the corporate design of your company or organisation.

    870.- €
    per Premium White Paper

  • Additional Placement in further channels

     Does the target audience for your White Paper include interested users in other markets? If so, why not kill two birds with one Stone: place the White Paper in further CHEMIE.DE channels. One measure, double the publicity.

    400.- €
    for 12 months

  • Company Presentation

    We recommend that you supplement the publication of your White Paper with placement of a Company Presentation on our portals. Readers who have been impressed by your specialist expertise through reading your technical or scientific paper then have the main information on your company immediately at their fingertips.

    970.- €
    for 12 month

  • Product Presentation

    Have you opted to use the White Paper to describe a featured application of one of your company's products? If so, a Product Presentation on our portals is the ideal supplement. Once you have piqued users' interest with the White Paper, the Product Presentation makes it easier for them to find out more about the product or to contact you directly. It goes without saying that all advertising formats are interlinked.

    820.– €
    for 12 months


See in this video why a white paper is an especially clever way of marketing and how you can use this type of advertising on our CHEMIE.DE's specialist portals.

How to use White Papers as an effective instrument of content marketing that transfers know-how to your target group - find out in this screencast.