Event Presentation

The signpost to your events.

Whether you are hosting trade fairs, workshops, webinars or conferences, our event calendar will absorb all the Events that are of interest to your target audience.

In addition to a brief description, our event presentations offer a variety of bulleted information on event date, language, name of speaker, registration fees and more, enabling our users to get an idea of the event beforehand.

Anyone who has become interested in your event can download your event brochure directly. Of course, we will Forward the resulting leads to you immediately.

By assigning topical keywords to your event, we ensure that your event will appear on all relevant pages of our portals. Moreover, the contents of your event presentation serve as search terms, enabling our users to narrow down their search for suitable events with precision.

Present your events where potential participants search for them: on CHEMIE.DE's industry information Portals.

Trade shows, conferences, seminars & webinars
be selected and entered by our editorial team

Would you like to introduce one or more trade shows, conferences, seminars or webinars in our Events Calendar CHEMIE.DE specialist portals, then please contact with our editorial team.


Tip: present events

You want to present one or more trade shows, conferences, seminars or webinars on our portals? For faster processing of your inquiries, please download the template table. Please send the completed template to: redaktion@chemie.de

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Events Presentation at a glance


  • Online presentation of variable duration
  • topic keywords for an ideal placement of your event in our search results
  • Event brochure for download as a PDF file
  • Direct link to the event website
  • Online lead generation
  • Event Presentation

    Use a Standard Event Presentation to ensure the visibility of your event on our portals. The optional publication of the event in our weekly newsletters generates additional visibility. Our Event Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of the most important dates in the sector - and your events should be part of it.

  • Premium Company Presentation

    In addition to publication of your event, we recommend placement of a Premium Company Presentation on our portals. Besides preferential presentation of your event in the Events Calendar, the Premium Company Presentation also makes the key information on your company available immediately to interested readers.

    970,- €
    for 12 month