Banner Advertising

How to make advertising eye-catching.

Whether for an image campaign, a product launch or for lead generation: the banner is the classic online advertising format.

Our banners feature intelligent technology that adapts to your targets. Generously dimensioned formats and clever placing ensure high click ratesthat can be increased even further by modern design features (rich media or video).

Our banners can be configured for very specific target audiences. You determine who sees your banner:

  • Keyword targeting calls up your banner when the reader searches for one of the keywords that you have defined.
  • Thematic targeting also causes the banner to be displayed only in conjunction with relevant content. You decide what content is relevant.
  • Geo targetingenables you to target your campaign precisely according to geographic criteria. If you would like to restrict your advertising to readers in the USA or the German-speaking region, this is the solution for you.

We will be pleased to help you find the ideal place, design and implementation for your banner.

Please contact our sales staff for detailed information on our banners and their technical specifications.



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Banner Advertising at a glance
  • Full-Size Banner (468 x 60 pixels)

    fullsizeThe Full-Size Banner is our entry-level format. It is placed within editorial content or in the search, and is an excellent solution for announcements of special promotions, information on your presence at trade fairs, and for drawing attention to training courses and conferences.

    from 1.200.- €
    30.- € CPM

  • Rectangle (180 x 150 pixels)

    rectangleThe Rectangle Banner is placed in the search view on the left-hand side of our portals. With its compact dimensions, the format represents particularly good value whilst still permitting the use of high-impact graphics for more emotive addressing of your target audiences.

    from 1,200.- €
    30.- € CPM

  • Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 pixels)

    mediumrectangleOur Medium Rectangle is displayed on topic or section home pages or is embedded directly into the editorial content. This guarantees the attention of our users. With its balanced dimensions, this advertising format provides you with considerable creative scope for communicating your advertising message.

    from 3,400.- €
    85.- € CPM

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90 pixels)

    superbannerThe Leaderboard is displayed across the top of the page, in the search result or at the end of a Key Topic. This placement in combination with the generous format ensures that users' attention is attracted to your advertising message. The Leaderboard is suitable both for product-related campaigns and for image promotion.

    from 3,000.- €
    75.- € CPM

  • Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels)

    wideskyscraperThe upright Wide Skyscraper is a conspicuous advertising format: with its dimensions of 160 x 600 pixels it provides ample space to place messages and eye-catching visuals. The Wide Skyscraper runs down the right-hand side, arousing attention outside the editorial content block of web pages.

    from 3,000.- €
    75.- € CPM

  • Half Page Banner (300 x 600 Pixel)

    Half-Page-BannerThrough its exclusive placement to the right of a web page's editorial content, the Half-Page Banner guarantees that you are noticed and seen by our users. This format is ideal if you wish to use your half-page print ad in online advertising, too. The extremely generous dimensions provide you with all the layout space you need and show its impact especially on wide monitors and laptop screens as used nowadays.


    from 4.400 €
    110,- € TKP

  • Wallpaper (728 x 90 plus 160 x 600 pixels)

    wallpaperThe Wallpaper Banner is our premium banner format. Its sheer size ensures that your advertising message is not lost on any user. Exploit the available space to the full to address your target audience with a powerful image. The Wallpaper Banner is located across the top and down the right-hand side of our web pages. Perfect for image campaigns, but also a powerful format for product launches and similar uses.

    from 7,000.- €
    175.- € CPM

  • Text Ad (220 x 65 pixels)

    textadThis format, familiar from search-engine marketing, enables you to address your target audience highly selectively. Associate your advertising texts with relevant keywords, such as the generic terms used for your company's products. Searches for these keywords bring up your advertisement between the search results. It therefore reaches users precisely when their interest in your products and services is at its greatest.

    from 720,– €
    per 400 clicks


See in about two minutes how easy and comfortable the placement of professional banner advertising is on CHEMIE.DE's specialist portals.

Learn in this screencast which banner formats are available on our specialist portals and where on the web pages your advertising messages can be placed.