Key Topics

Become the attraction of the month.

Key subjects and hot topics regularly receive special attention from us in our editorials.

The editorials channel all the relevant information and present it in a clear and appealing form.

The prominent placement of the current Key Topic on the home pages of our portals generates particularly keen interest among readers.

By their nature, the Key Topics are intended for even more narrowly defined user groups. This form of communication exclusively reaches people with a close interest in the subject.

Key Topics are therefore an exceptionally attractive environment in which to present your products and services with reference to a particular topic, since the experts are amongst themselves.

Learn more about what our Key Topics contain:
screencast for the example of particle analysis



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Key Topics at a glance

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1,520.- €
for 12 months


  • Product or Catalogue Presentation with a duration of 12 months
  • Participation in the focal point of 3 months duration
  • Teaser box relating to the Key Topic, placed on the home pages
  • Several Product/Catalogue References in the newsletters included
  • Online sales lead generation
  • Translation English to German included
  • Perfomance Report during presentation period
  • Topic Highlights

    In addition to our Key Topics, which start on a specific date, we offer an all-year-round, highly attractive advertising format for a wealth of other topics: the Topic Highlight.

    Our Topic Highlights are available for a variety of technologies, product groups or other industry-relevant subjects. Each one is thus ideally suited for reaching a narrowly defined target group. By securing a specific topic for yourself, your company can continuously emphasize its leading position in the market, because the Topic Highlights are available for your products all year round.

    Choose from more than 5,000 Topic Highlights, ranging from antibodies to laboratory automation to workplace safety.

    640.- €
    for 3 months


This short screecast shows how you can directly access your target groups with a placement in the Key Topics on our specialist portals.