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Don’t just look for new specialists – make sure of finding them!

Our career network offers you specialised job markets for skilled personnel and managerial staff in the area of natural sciences. When recruiting personnel your company can always reach its specified target group - thanks to the precise orientation of the CHEMIE.DE channels Chemistry, Life Science and Lab.

The fact that job opportunities are integrated into our information portals ensures that your Job Ads profit from the extensive scope and high market penetration of the portals. Thus your ad also addresses people who are not actively looking for a job - an increasingly significant group in view of the growing shortage of skilled personnel.

As well as a job ad, a concise presentation of your company may arouse the interest of many potential employees in the course of their daily work. Your future key performers are sure to be among them!

Place your job offers where you can be sure of reaching qualified personnel: on websites used by your target group in their daily work. Prominent display on our portals is a real eye-catcher for every user.


Placing your advertisement

Placing your advertisement on our portals is just a few clicks away. With our Online advertisement registration, it couldn't be easier.

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Job Ads at a glance


  • Job Ad with a duration of eight weeks
  • Access to the database of applicants
  • Contact system for online applications
  • Publication of the advertisement in the weekly jobs bulletin and newsletter
  • Perfomance Report after advertisement period
  • (Presentation in your corporate design)
  • Standard Job Ad

    Our Standard Job Advertisement comprises the following criteria: 8 week run-time, access to our candidate database (and therefore the opportunity for a proactive approach), linking your job advertisement to your Company Presentation (and vice-versa), a contact system for online applications and a mention in the job newsletter.

    620.- €
    for 8 weeks

  • Premium Job Ad

    The Premium Job Advertisement differs from the standard version only in its format, as it can be created freely in accordance with your Corporate Design. We also produce your Job Ad to your specification, based upon a PDF or MS Word file. The advertisement thus supports your company, not only by finding new employees but also by contributing to your brand image.

    820.- €
    for 8 weeks

  • Job of the Week

    Lend even more power to your Job Ad by placing it as Job of the Week. With this advertising format, your advertisement is given exclusive prominence for a week immediately adjacent to the portal logo on the career pages of the desired portal. It is also placed prominently in the jobs bulletin. The result: maximum visibility within a very short space of time.

    420.- €
    per week

  • Job Reference in the newsletter

    A Job Reference in our weekly newsletters attracts greater attention to your Job Ad. Combining the use of the web and e-mail media channels is particularly effective to ensure optimum visibility and generate even greater interest among readers.

    220.- €
    per reference

  • Job Reboost

    Use the Job Reboost to generate additional interest in your Careers Advertisements. When your advertisement has run for half its duration, we update its date, thereby putting you back in pole position on our Careers Overview.

    100.- €
    per Job Ad


How easy, comfortable and also effective online recruiting on CHEMIE.DE's specialist portals is - check out this video and you will know.

This screencast demonstrates why it is that you do not just look for new specialists - on CHEMIE.DE's specialist portals you make sure of finding them.