Product Presentation

Showcase your products, services and software.

The bottom line: purchasing decisions in the sector are taken by the staff who ultimately work with the products. In other words, the very employees who are our users.

We have therefore adapted our service to our users' search habits, and classified our product section accordingly: into Product Presentation, Service Presentation and Software Presentation.

Put your innovative products on show where they will be seen - and above all, searched for: on the CHEMIE.DE portals.

Additional features such as pdf downloads of brochures, product images and video clips enable you to provide your potential customers with comprehensive information in an appealing manner - and lay the foundations for qualified sales leads.

We back this strategy up with three advertising slots for every product in our newsletter. You decide when the time for placement of your teaser is right.

Product Presentation at a glance

Available at:

1,020.- €
for 12 months


  • Detailed product description with product images and video clip
  • Translation English to German included
  • Online sales lead generation
  • Including 3 Product References in the newsletter
  • Perfomance Report during presentation period
  • Additional Placement in further channels

    Does the target audience for your product or service include interested users in other markets? If so, why not kill two birds with one stone: for a small additional charge, place the presentation of your product or service on further CHEMIE.DE channels. One measure, double the publicity.

    400.– €
    for 12 months

  • Product of the Week

    The Product of the Week is the perfect supplement for your Product Presentation. It enjoys exclusive presentation for a week on all pages of the chosen portal, being placed immediately adjacent to the portal logo for extra emphasis. It is also given prominent placement in the newsletter. The result: you attain maximum visibility within a very short time.

    420.- €
    per week

  • Product Highlight

    The Product Highlight puts you head and shoulders above the crowd. Your product or service enjoys preferential presentation on the product home page for a month, and grabs users' attention with a large teaser area.

    640.- €
    per month

  • Product Reference in the newsletter

    Generate further attention for your products and services with an additional Product Reference (teaser) in our weekly newsletters. Combining the use of the web and e-mail media channels is particularly effective to ensure optimum visibility and generate even greater interest among readers.

    220.- €
    per reference


Learn in this video how we help you to put your product in the spotlight on CHEMIE.DE's specialist portals.

This screencast demonstrates what a Product Presentation on CHEMIE.DE's specialist portals looks like and which elements are included in this type of advertising.