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CHEMIE.DE channels at a glance

Chemistry Channel

The Chemistry Channel is spread over three portals and deals with all topics relating to chemistry, from the laboratory through to process engineering.

  • Portals:
  • Focus:
    From the laboratory through to the process
  • Key data:
    2.1 million PIs per month
    33,000 newsletter subscribers
    3.6 million unique users per year
  • Languages:
    English, French, German, Spanish


Life Science Channel

The Life Science Channel covers the life sciences, biotechnology and pharma

  • Portals:
  • Focus:
    Life Science and Pharma
  • Key data:
    670,000 PIs per month
    17,000 newsletter subscribers
    950,000 unique users per year
  • Languages:
    English, French, German, Spanish


Lab Channel

The Lab Channel deals intensively with laboratory and analytics.

  • Portals:
  • Focus:
    Laboratory and analysis technology
  • Key data:
    40,000 PIs per month
    25,000 newsletter subscribers
    170,000 unique users per year
  • Languages:
    English, German


The CHEMIE.DE portals: keeping track the easy way

Fourteen years ago, we launched a single portal:
In the course of time, it became increasingly clear that a single website, particularly one with such a pithy name, could not do justice to all aspects of the sciences. To resolve this, dedicated portals were created for different needs, in a typically organic growth process. The number of websites has since grown to five.

With our three channels, i.e. Chemistry, Life Science and Lab, we have created a structure by which information can be organized better, and focuses defined. Each portal retains its own particular subject orientation and a clear focus upon its target audience. For your advertising campaigns, you can therefore select and combine the specific portals that best match your objectives. Waste coverage is avoided. within our Chemistry Channel, this is the place to be if your measures are aimed at the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). addresses the European chemical sector, from the laboratory through to process technology. You can reach your readers through this portal in both English and French. launched around two years ago and already established as the sector's leading platform for the Spanish-speaking world. an information portal for the Life
Science Channel. Addresses readers all over the world who are interested in information and trends within the life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals - and all in four languages. the industry portal for our Lab Channel. This is an English and German language website, which we operate on behalf of Messe München, the Munich trade fair company. Here, you can continue to reach your own target audiences in the laboratory and analytics sector after the end of a trade fair event.

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