Newsletter Advertising

Your direct route to our users’ desks.

Advertising formats in our newsletters are ideal for communicating very specific subjects at a clearly defined point in time. They enable you to define a focus, and put you in full control of it.

With the options for customization offered by our newsletters, our subscribers can produce a highly personalized newsletter that reflects their interests. Newsletter Advertising thus specifically targets the readers whose interests match those of your products and services. 1:1 marketing in its purest form.

Our weekly newsletters currently have over 75,000 subscribers.

From a range of advertising formats, select those that meet your needs. We offer newsletters in several languages, and aimed at specific target audiences, for each portal. Get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you select the most suitable advertising formats and the appropriate newsletter.

Newsletter Advertising at a glance
  • Text-Ad

    The shortcut to your website. With this advertising format, placed in the most prominent part our newsletter, a text of 70 characters presents your advertising message briefly and succinctly.

    15,– €
    per 1,000 recipients

  • Ad Box

    The Ad Box is located at the top of the newsletter between editorial content. With a text of 400 characters, it offers plenty of space for communication of your message. An optional 100 x 90 pixel image can be added.

    from 40.– €
    per 1,000 recipients

  • Graphic Ad

    An image is worth... you know the rest. Make a splash with a 100 x 90 pixel image. Up to 140 characters of accompanying text reinforces the statement of the image.

    45.- €
    per 1,000 recipients

  • Newsletter Banner

    The Newsletter Banner (468 x 60 pixels) is a conspicious advertising Format, that corresponds in its size with  the Full-Size Banner on our Portals. It therefore permits a uniform presence in the two media channels. Of the available advertising formats in the newsletter, the Newsletter Banner offers the greatest amount of space for reinforcing your message and drawing readers' attention to it with a strong visual impact.

    55.- €
    per 1,000 recipients

  • Company Ad

    Beat your own drum: the Company Ad is the perfect supplement to your Company Presentation in the buyer's guide. Five USPs and your company logo place the emphasis on precisely the aspects that are important to your customers. Interested readers can easily click directly to your Company Presentation.

    540 €
    for 6 issues

  • Product/Catalogue Reference

    The advertising space for products and catalogues in our newsletters. The text link (teaser) takes interested readers directly to your Product or Catalogue Presentation on our portals. The result: even more sales leads.

    220.- €
    per Newsletter

  • Job Reference

    Promotion for your Job Ad. Draw potential applicants' attention to it with this advertising format. The Job Ad includes your company logo and the title of the advertisement, and links to your Job Ad on our portals.

    220.- €
    per Newsletter

  • Event Reference

    Make your events a complete success by drawing your target audience's attention to them in our newsletters. A reference points to your Event Presentation on our portals, assuring you of maximum visibility.

    320.- €
    per Newsletter


Which advertising formats we offer in our weekly newsletters and how you can benefit from them is explained in this short screencast.