Part 6: Indiv. Newsletter I

Adding or deleting content

The personalization features are accessible from any newsletter edition.

The option to customize the CHEMIE.DE portals' newsletters is another useful tool to help you cope with the daily information flood.

Like the homepages of our industry portals it is possible with just a few clicks to customize your newsletters according to your personal information needs - and to display information tailored to individual requirements.

All you need for personalising your newsletters is an account with or Simply register, customize your newsletter and you will receive the exact newsletter that you need, week after week. Here you can register for

This is what to do:

1. The customisation features can be accessed from any newsletter edition by clicking the "personalise newsletter" link at the bottom of the first section. Alternatively, you can reach these features directly via the CHEMIE.DE industry portals: select the menu item "my newsletters" after logging in to "" or "".

2. Adding categories to your newsletter: click the button "add newsletter categories" at the bottom of the first newsletter section to add content sections to your personalised newsletter.

3. Removing newsletter sections: click the "X" at the top of any box to remove it from your newsletter layout.

The following part will show you how you can personalise your newsletter's contents within a category.