CHEMIE.DE's Bag of Tips & Tricks:
How to Make the Most of Our Portals
and Newsletters

Part 1: Search Subscription

Subscribing to a search you have performed on a CHEMIE.DE portal is a simple, convenient and clever way to stay updated on technological subjects that interest you. more

Part 3: Custom. Homepage I

It takes just a few clicks to adapt our industry portal homepage to your information needs and turn it into your personal information hub. more

Part 4: Custom. Homepage II

Now we are going one step further: we’ll tell you how you can customize the information contained within the individual content boxes to precisely match your needs and preferences. more

Part 5: Topic Pages

Our new topic pages have given popular technology topics and current industry issues their own starting point on the CHEMIE.DE portals. more

Part 6: Indiv. Newsletter I

Like the homepages of our industry portals it is possible with just a few clicks to customize your weekly newsletters according to your personal information needs – and to display information tailored to your individual requirements. more

Part 7: Indiv. Newsletter II

There is more to the customization of your CHEMIE.DE newsletters than just adding or removing individual categories. You are also given the opportunity to edit each content section precisely according to your interests and preferences. more

Part 8: Following Topic Pages

Did you know that you can add any topic page to your own personal watchlist? For example, you can maintain watchlist entries to keep updated on your main competitors or on certain instruments or applications. more

Part 9: Search Suggestions

This feature speeds up online searches by suggesting terms you may be wanting to enter into the search field. more

Part 10: Jobs as RSS Feeds

If you’re looking for a new professional challenge, CHEMIE.DE’s clever and convenient job feeds can help you to stay informed about what’s on offer. more

Part 11: Share Contents

Did you know that you can do the same with the contents of the CHEMIE.DE portals? All it takes is a mouse click to send interesting content that you have found on our portals to Twitter or another social community on the internet. more

Part 12: "More about..." Box

Such add-on information is available for all content pages on our portals: a separate boxed section below the main content brings together all information available on the respective company or organisation. more