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Show the online world why your company stands out.

A Company Presentation is the typical foundation on which to layer further advertising formats for successful online marketing on our industry portals. It ensures that all content about your company is interlinked and always appears with your logo. Whether it be a news item, a Product Presentation, a Catalogue Presentation or a seminar you have entered.

In addition to general information, such as contact details and a brief profile, the Company Presentation opens up many ways to present your company in the best light - including, for example, a lead image, your corporate video, trade fair appearances and memberships in associations. Let your potential customers get an up-to-date overview of what your company is and does.

We'll make sure your Company Presentation is easily found: it will be assigned search keywords relevant to your product or service range to ensure it appears in all relevant contexts (for example, among the more than 5,000 Topic Highlights). This is how we bring together our customers as the suppliers and the demand from users.

Sales leads are forwarded directly to you - via e-mail, but also by telephone. As the only provider in the industry, CHEMIE. DE uses call tracking, a method for measuring phone calls.


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Company Presentation at a glance

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for 12 months


  • Brief company profile with logo, link to the company website, corporate video, certifications, trade fair appearances etc.
  • Interlinkage of all the company’s content on our portals
  • Indexing by CHEMIE.DE
  • Generation of qualified sales leads
  • Performance indicators updated on a daily basis, incl. call tracking
  • Company Ad

    Use Company Ads in our newsletters to attract greater attention to your company and its products and services. Conspicuous placement of a Company Ad in the weekly newsletter makes your entry stand out.

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Why every company in the chemistry, life sciences and analytics industry should have a Company Presentation on CHEMIE.DE's specialist portals - you wil find out in two minutes.

Learn in this screencast why a Company Presentation is the perfect foundation for successful online marketing.